Day 2: Focus (on chocolate)

The second bit of experimentation for the Learn Food Photography 31 days of Food Photography Tips was to play with depth of focus. I kept my focus on the center point of the viewfinder/picture, because I wanted that to be constant, and not alter the feel of the photo. I find that by changing the focal point, for example, to the lower right, I can use a f-stop of 5.6 to get a picture that looks like the one with an f-stop of 11. I didn’t want that, although perhaps it would have made the same point ultimately.

aperture as wide open as the amount of light in the evening will let me have it, for the shutter speed I need.

focal point on the lower right, which looks and feels a lot like the next one, with focal point at center:

aperture as low as it will go on this lens at this time in the evening (almost sunset)

aperture midway between wide open, and tightly shut

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